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A Return To Ancient Christianity

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I see just under 3 bucks out of the listing price. If you'd like to support my efforts in this spiritual war; then please consider getting my book.

About the Book

If you have become disenchanted with Catholicism and Modern Christianity, don't abandon the tradition that the majority of Americans are so comfortable with. There are valuable, spiritual teachings in Christianity that have been kept hidden for centuries.
Join Pastor Clifton as he explains God's Truth, God's Law, and God's Will through the tradition of Christianity. By exploring the original languages that The Bible was written in, and by interspersing the spiritual experiences that were key to his own awakening, Pastor Clifton teaches ancient Christianity in a way that is informative, clear, and even funny at times. Not only will this guide teach you God's objective morality, but it will also teach you how to identify the satanic conditioning that has been influencing our planet for millennia. The time to start living morally under God's Law is now and it's much easier than you've been told.
This guide will bolster your courage and knowledge of Christianity in ways that will transform you. Eradicate shame, guilt, and crippling fear. Don the armor of God and take up the sword of Jesus Christ. Become a spiritually resolute Christian warrior and together we will destroy satanism on our planet. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Sermon Locations & Social Media

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As of 2024, I upload “Flashback Sermons” to Youtube. If anything is censored there, it will always be on Rumble or Odysee; just note the Sermon number.

My Youtube channel is an attempt to reach potential Christian Warriors.

I refuse to support Instagram and Tiktok. I also do not use Telegram!

Along with Google, their companies are brimming with Cult-Affiliated Satanists and their massive army of useful dupes. If you see any “person” (on any platform other than what is linked from this website) claiming to be me; it is not me! 

Pay attention and do not be fooled, Christian Warriors.

Truth Social 




Locals.com is just like Patreon… but Locals does not censor. It is so important to maintain complete freedom of speech in our Constitutional Republic.

Locals.com is a support platform for people like myself who live off of the kindness of others. All pastors throughout history have needed to do this. My family and I appreciate the help.

The monthly subscription cost is only 5 bucks. It’s nearly nothing to you, but it helps my family and I so much.

Regarding Comment Sections,
please keep in mind...

   Cult-Affiliated Satanists and their army of useful dupes have always filled comment sections with fake comments in an attempt to deceive others. The goal of these fake comments is to paint the “supporters” of a “content creator” as certain types of people. 

   This way, the employers of the fake commentators can have their buddies in media write or perform “hit-pieces” in other publications trying to frame the “content creator” as a racist, an idiot, or just a crazy person. 

   Fake comments are a way of providing ammunition, or a false representation of “proof”, for people that may not have adequate practice in basic discernmentThis smear tactic has been employed for as long as comment sections have existed. Yes, it’s real. Yes, people get paid to do it.

   Comments displayed on any video or social media platform that I use… absolutely DO NOT reflect my personal opinions. I’ll speak and write for myself, thank you.

   My knowledge or opinions on varying subjects related to what I teach are clearly written in my book. If any comments run counter to what is specifically written in my book; then I DO NOT condone nor support whatever nonsense that may be expressed in a comment.

   I DO NOT support any violation of God-Given Rights. I DO NOT support the initiation of (starting) physical harm on an innocent. We all have the God-Given Right to remain unharmed so long as our actions do not physically, directly harm others. If an action initiates physical harm on an innocent, that violation should be met with our God-Given Right of Self-Defensive Force.

   I certainly DO NOT support any person or group threatening to “take away”, “disallow”, “outlaw”, curtail, or infringe our God-Given Right of Self-Defense. All of God’s children have an absolute Right to carry and use weapons (of any kind) in defense of themselves or other innocents. This God-Given Right is for everyone. No person or group has a monopoly on the use of Self-Defensive force.

   This solidarity of morality is not only the behavior of a Christian Warrior, it is also the epitome of being a true, 1776 American Patriot

   God’s Truth and Law are paramount. If you’re not sure what that sentence means, then please consider reading my book and/or becoming familiar with my sermons.

   Since I’m writing this bit about comment sections, I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room: NO, the Earth is NOT flat and off-worlders are NOT “demons”. These recent fan-fictions are a big problem in Christian communities.

   People may (and most-likely will) leave ridiculous comments regarding these ideas on my platforms, but I DO NOT condone nor support any fan-fiction that has been attached to Christianity over the last couple millennia. “Flat earth” and “aliens are demons” are only the most recent.

   I DO NOT support racism, sexism, ageism, or any type of “phobia”. Christian Warriors do not let fear guide nor control them.

   We all have an unbreakable connection with God. These physical expressions may be many things, but I love you all on a Spirit level regardless of who you think you are or what you think you know.

The Pastor Clifton Shop

  If you would like to support me in this spiritual war; visit The Pastor Clifton Shop! Really, I only see a couple bucks if you get any of these products… but it helps a little. Plus, the designs I create from scratch make awesome Christian Warrior gear!

   We add things as people demand them. For example, we can make available General Items like:

:Puzzles, Wall art, Posters, Framed posters, Canvas prints, Flags, Blankets, Candles, Bean bag covers, Pillows & pillow cases, Drinkware & coasters, Water bottles, Coffee mugs, Tumblers, Coasters, Stationery, Postcards, Notebooks, Stickers, Greeting cards, Aprons, Fabrics, Towels, Pet products, Patches, Bags, Tote bags, Duffle bags, Drawstring bags, Hip packs, Backpacks, Hair accessories, Keychains, Socks, Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Tech accessories, Phone cases, Earphone cases, Laptop cases, and Mouse pads.

Our most popular items are, of course, Clothing For Men, Women, and Children:

:Beanies, Baseball caps, Snapbacks, Trucker hats, 5-panel hats, Mesh hats, Bucket hats, T-shirts, All-over shirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts, Long sleeve shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, Tank tops, Crop tops, Polo shirts, Swimwear, Leggings, Baby bibs, and Baby onsies.

   If you would like to see one of my designs on a certain object, just send an email with your request to:


Greetings Christian Warriors!

  If you would like to help my family and I stay fed, clothed, and housed; please consider donatingI recently had to return to the tattoo industry just to keep afloat in hell-world! Maybe one day I’ll be able to teach full time. How soon that happens is entirely up to you Christian Warriors out there. You know that I love and appreciate you all!

  This is what I have to do on the side while I teach:

 I’m a Pastor first and a tattoo artist second because the last thing people need on this planet is another tattoo! What people actually need is to learn what their Rights are and where they come from.

   No, that T-shirt model above is not my wife. Here’s my wife and daughter (pictures from 2020).

   My wife was born with Cystic Fibrosis… which doesn’t make life very easy by any stretch. However, that doesn’t stop her from knowing God’s Truth, living God’s Law, and doing God’s WillMy daughter is awesome and I’m super-proud of her.

   Right now, we rent and we own next-to-nothing.

   Why is life like this for us?

   We said NO to immoral/illegal government “lock-downs” and the equally immoral/illegal medical mandates that were attempted.

   We had a “zero tolerance” approach to violations of our God-Given Rights… no matter what. Christian Warriors always trust in God when doing the right thing.

   The right thing to do is not always the comfortable or convenient thing to do. Anyways, I am certainly not a Pastor with a mansion and a “mega-church”… and I don’t want one! However, my family and I are dirt poor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can send help to:

Buy Me A Coffee

Or email to:


FREE Download of
The Bible

   That’s right, Christian Warriors; Free Downloads of The Bible!

   It took me months to compile the Original Hebrew and Original Greek translations of the Old and New Testaments, respectively. Keep in mind that these are not “my” translations; they are the definitive translations accepted by every scholar.

   These Zip files are free, but if you would like to donate out of sheer appreciation; you could always Buy Me A Coffee. Any help is greatly appreciated.

   Simply click the ancient scroll of the Testament you would like and the download will start automatically.

   The Scripture, as written in the original languages, is the cornerstone of my teaching method.

"The only savior is moral behavior."
- Pastor Clifton Cross